Our Speciality - Tool Making
For testing on practifcality of any designs, we have managed to archieve fast turn-around and short lead-time for precision plastic mould making, focusing on parts with tight tolerance; thereafter forming up moulded parts from prototype tooling within the shortest time possible.

We are challenged to deliver complex parts within one or two weeks with support from our in-house capabilities on tool design, construction, CMM checking and testing. Similarly, when the production tools need to be launched, we deliver the first samples with high quality and complete metrelogy results in 2 weeks for tools up to 180 tons (machine clamping force) and 4 weeks for tools up to 650 tons (machine clamping force).

Our High Quality Production - Injection Moulding
Besides developing new designs for customers, we also offer mass production on new or existing parts in a high quality yet cost-oriented environment. As committed to the ISO 9001:2000 standard, as well as SPC, quality assurance systems. We are dedicated to monitor and inspect every step of production. With our expertise on parts in the electronics and automotive industry, we are always ready to handle any quantities volume productions. We promise to challange the extremes to meet out customer's unqiue requirements.

Our Value-Added Service - Assembly lines
Apart from producing high quality parts, we also build final products with medium or high complexity, including mechanical and electronic components, Silk Printing, and Ultrasonic welding. We are experienced in assembly lines design and can define the related intermediate and final tests when needed.

Worldwide Support and Delivery
With our operations in SIngapore, Spain, Malaysia and China, Our network enables us to support customers through various manufacturing site and after-sales services in the different regions. Todate, we are proud to be one of the most complete plastic enclosure solution provider to the supply chain. With this, we look forward to achieving better growth with all our business partners!